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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

大马的岛屿~Malaysia Five Islands and Reefs Mini Sheet

这是2005年大马邮政局所发行的MINI SHEET。主题有关大马的岛屿。面值2元马币.

This is the mini sheet of Malaysia Five Islands and Reefs in the South China Sea. The mini sheet is of RM2 denomination. Issued in 2005

Monday, 1 March 2010

2005 Malaysia's Five Islands and Reefs In South China sea

There are about 599 islands, reefs and rocks in Malaysia's water. Five of these are located in the South China Sea along with many others.
The stamps in this FDC are 2 RM1 stamps depicting the Pulau Layang-layang or Swallow island, Terumbu Peninjau or Investigator Reef, and 2 30sen stamps illustrating Terumbu Siput or Erica Reef and Terumbu Mantanani or Mariveles Reef.
There is also a miniature sheet, which is of RM2 and will be posted in the following article.